Thursday, April 2, 2009

Delhi General Elections Voters List details from

Delhi Parliament Election Latest Results
*Congress leading in 7 out of 7 Loksabha seats in Delhi

Delhi will soon be going through another round of elections - this time it is for the 2009 General Elections. Recently the assembly elections took place in Delhi in late 2008. Congress did well in the 2008 Assembly elections and is currently the ruling party in Delhi.

For all the details on Delhi Elections - schedule, voters list and other electoral information you can check the website of Chief Election Officer Delhi at

Delhi has 7 Loksabha seats and the main contention will be between Congress and the BJP. Here are the 7 Parliament constituencies from Delhi -

01 - Chandni Chowk
02 - North East
03 - East Delhi
04 - New Delhi
05 - North West
06 - West Delhi
07 - South Delhi

Voting will take place for all the 7 seats in Delhi on the 7th of May 2009

For the 2009 Loksabha Elections in Delhi - you can check the Constituency Elector Details on the official website of Chief Electoral Officer Delhi -

Lok Sabha Election Public holiday - Notification

For Voter details SMS VOTE Election ID NO TO 53535 from MTNL Mobile or Call 47617500.

Final Photo Electoral Rolls of National Capital Territory of Delhi - Published on 20-02-2009

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