Friday, May 15, 2009

LIVE Election Results from

2014 Maharashtra Assembly General Election Results - counting has started
* BJP Leading
BJP+     113     +66
SS     62     +18
Cong     48     -33
NCP     43     -19
Others     19     -32

2014 Haryana Assembly General Election Results
* BJP Leading
BJP     52     +48
INLD+     17     -15
Cong     12     -28
HJC+     1     -5
Others     8     0

2014 Loksabha General Election Results

Highlights: 543 / 543

NDA - 334
UPA - 63
AAP - 04
Others - 142

Party wise results:
BJP - 284
INC - 47
Trinamool - 33
BJD - 18
Shivsena - 18
TDP - 13
TRS - 10
YSR - 9
SP - 7
NCP - 5
SAD - 4 
LJP - 5
RJD - 4

UP Party positions

Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election Results

Narendra Modi's Swearing in Ceremony as Prime Minister

* Narendra Modi leading in Varanasi, all set to be the Prime Minister of India
* Sonia Gandhi leading in Rae Barelly 
* BJP achieves majority, NDA crossing 300+
* BJP on its own will hit 272 and more
* Landslide victory for BJP
* Major gains in Assam, WB for BJP
* Anantkumar leading in South Bangalore
* AAP doing well in Punjab
* Sweep for BJP in Delhi, Gujarat, MP etc.
* TDP all set to form government in Andhra
* TRS sweeping in Telangana 

Constituency wise trends:

Party Positions Status and Trends:

Constituency wise (for all candidates) - here is the status:

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (Seemandhra) Election Results available at:

Stay tuned for the upcoming 2014 Loksabha General Election Results to check the Latest Party positions, trends and leading status - counting start time is 8 AM IST

As May 16th is getting closer everyone is anxious about the respective party positions.
Let us see if this results will give a clear majority to NDA's prime minister candidate Narendra Modi.
Previous Election Results:

2013 Karnataka Assembly Election Results

Counting begins for the assembly election results in the 3 states of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura

Check out for the latest trends and results on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election Results.

2012 Gujarat Election Results

Narendra Modi wins by Two-Thirds majority

Previous updates on the 2012 Assembly Election results of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur.

The election process is complete and now the exit poll results of UP and the other above states started coming in. It will be a hung assembly in UP 2012 polls !

Please check here for latest updates on 2012 UP Assembly Election results.

Here is the latest from the most common news and TV channels on 2012 Live election results:

Previous updates related to the 2011 Assembly Elections for the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Assam, Pondicherry and West Bengal

2011 TN Assembly Election Results

Tamilnadu - AIADMK wins, Jayalalitha all set to be the Chief Minister
Kerala - Congress led UDF manages to get a simple majority
Assam - Congress sweeps the elections
Pondicherry - DMK will form the government
West Bengal - Mamata Banerjee all set to be the first non-CPIM Chief minister of West Bengal in 3 decades. Trinamool Congress sweeps the Bengal polls
Andhra Bye Elections - Jagan Creates History winning by more than 5 Lakh majority, issues a warning to the ruling congress government.

Previous:India Parliament Election Results LIVE from This is the official website of Election Commission of India.

Watch this space for Maharashtra Assembly Elections results and Haryana Assembly Elections results 2009

Loksabha Results
UPA 262 80
NDA 157 -14
Third Front 67 -36
Other Parties 30 7
Fourth Front 27 -37

Party Wise
Indian National CONGRESS 206 61
BJP 116 -22
SP 23 -13
BSP 21 +2
JD(U) 20 +12

Highlights of the 2009 General Election Results
*UPA gains by huge margins - Major gains for Congress in UP as per initial trends
*AP -Congress doing ok; PRP is gaining; TRS losing; TDP not too far behind Congress
*Bihar - Nitesh is sweeping
*Delhi - Congress Leading
*Gujarat - BJP is holding on to its lead
*Shashi Tharror leading in Tiruvananthapuram
*Haryana - congress leading; BSP opening the account
*Maharashtra - Congress/NCP - BJP/SS sharing the seats
*Jharkhand - NDA, UPA sharing
*Karnataka - BJP leading in 16 seats; JDS slight gains
*Kerala - UPA major gains; Left major losses
*MP - BJP leads, but congress gaining; BSP leading in 1 seat for the first time
*Punjab - Congress doing better than expected
*West Bengal - TC leading; LEft major losses; BJP leading in 2
*Tamilnadu - 14 for AIADMK; 19 for DMK ; BJP leading in 1; MS Iyer and PC trailing
*UP - Major gains for Congress; BSP losing in many seats
*Rajasthan - Congress 15; BJP 5; Big wins for Congress
*Orissa - BJD sweeping;
*Counting Begins for Loksabha 543 Seats

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Previous:At Present the above website is showing the dummy data.It will become live with real data at 8.00 AM on 16th May 2009 once the ECI start declaring the actual results for the general elections 2009.

Along with these we are also going to have the assembly election results of AP, Orissa and Sikkim.

Watch all the LIVE action of trends, analysis and Election results starting tomorrow morning

For more information check:

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Anonymous said...

never expected nic results so slow N behind the actuals

Bilbin Olickan said...

if Shashi Taroor dont win that will be a a mistake of literate kerala

dipankar said...

nothing about Northeast???

kamlakant said...

Indian voters are mature,now.Political parties must change their trend.KamlkantDube

cheema said...

what about punjab results.u have not posted the same .CHEEMA

Saroj said...

Good work brings success for a political party in election.

bullet said...

durgesh nw india make trhir own dream

bullet said...

its a great oppotuynity to improve indian economy

Anonymous said...

what abt Bhind-madhya Pradesh

rahul said... bhi jeete hum tho bindas hai...

somya said...

good result saharanpur UP

Anonymous said...

in orissa the people had done the right thing by choosing the BJD

siba mohan said...

good is always good..who help other and develop other person definitely they will win.i think bjd is great....

Sharad said...

congress should go for the people who really have thrust for developing the country and be away from the opportunists . They may take help from the experts in the field

kausik said...

if didi comes in the bad day in west bengal will start

kausik said...

if mamata comes in bad day in west bengal will start

abdul said...

congratulation sonia ji,pls continue the good works for youth.

Anonymous said...

soniaji,congrats,but pls do the needful for corruption

physio-somu said...

congrats Mamata didi...

happy to see the expected results.....
Citizen of Bengal shown that left cant be right option for Indian senario...unless u work for people not for party....

Anonymous said...

oh BJP har rahi hai.

Dr. S. S. Borkar said...

Party/ies which are secular, having humanitarian face,care for all especially poor ; farmers; the tibals; the downtrodden; the deprived class and which do not rake up religious & communal sentiments are the one going to form the govt. and rule the heart of GREAT INDIA.
After forming the govt. please do not neglect the subjects mentioned above. The responsibility is right from providing the basic needs of water, food, homes, education , health, employment to high tech science & technology

Congratulations Manmohanji,Soniaji & Rahul

Anonymous said...

thanks rahul uttrakhand me BJP ka safaya ho gaya


Matured results from Tamil Nadu.People expects congress to act more on Sri Langa Tamils issue,so they have opted more than Congress.

Anonymous said...

regional political outfits are bound to go in the interest of the nation so is true to present communists who are only working against rthe national interests.

susanta said...

i like con.hope it rolls over whole ind.



Ejaz said...

I love my India! Now the youths will see India become developed country by 2020