Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haryana Assembly general elections schedule

Haryana is going for polls to elect its state legislative assembly members. The 2009 general assembly elections for the state for all the 90 seats will take place on the 13th October 2009.

For more details, election notification and schedule of events please take a look at

The main fight will be between INC and BJP, need to see how they fair in this poll. As you all know Congress party did very well in the recently concluded parliament elections and that was the reason why the current state government has prompted for an early election. Let us see if this move turns out to be actually favorable for the Congress party.

BJP is kind of struggling with internal issues and it is important for them to come together to pull it up in both Maharashtra and Haryana.

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neeraj madan said...

The aricle is far from reality.Any haryanvi would tell you that BJP is non existent in haryana.Moreover to worsen the crisis,it has ignored senior leaders while giving the ticket.The party has been careless enough to leave not even senior party leader but also its first party president Dr Kamla Verma while fielding the candidates.

The main contest is between INC,INLD and HJC.Even new parties like BSP etc are far above BJP.