Saturday, December 26, 2009

Congress party 125th formation day

125th formation day of Indian National Congress

India's largest and longest surviving political party Congress - Indian National Congress or Congress (I) will be celebrating its 125th formation day on December 28th 2009. This political party has played a major role in the lives of Indian nationals - many times directly and at times indirectly. As we see through the different generations of leadership in this party, people started seeing some fundamental changes in the way the party functioned.

We are seeing a lot of young faces in the party and what is new is that these faces are being involved in strategy and decision making process. Let us see how the coming years will be for this party. Majority of the cadre still relies on Gandhi-Nehru legacy.

Celebrations and awareness programs on Congress 125th formation day
Congress central leadership and the senior members are planning many activities on this 125th formation day of the party and will organize events that will tell the public about the achievements and the role the party played in shaping up this country.

ND Tiwari AP Governor Resigns following a scam

ND Tiwari Scam, Governor of AP sting operation

Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari has resigned apparently due to health conditions. As you all know in the past few days there were some breaking news about a scam involving AP Raj Bhavan and ND Tiwari.

Andhra Jyothi, ABN channel in Telugu has shown pictures involving Governor ND Tiwari in some compromising situation with some girls. The videos and pictures were not very clear to say 100% that this was ND Tiwari.

Pressure started building up as Women activists have come on street demanding the removal of the first citizen of the state. Congress didn't want to be in this embarrassing situation as ND Tiwari was one of the senior most leaders of the party.

Raj Bhavan authorities have taken a stay in High Court to stop the telecast of the episode and are planning legal action against the channel after denying the involvement of Governor ND Tiwari in this case.

For some reason Andhra Pradesh is going through some bad times, incident after incident is hitting the state and something needs to change there. With all the separate Telangana state agitation for the last 3 weeks the state administration is already overworked and are not in a position to enjoy the year end holiday season.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jharkhand Assembly Elections Results 2009

Latest Jharkhand Election Results:

Trends available -
Congress + Allies - 21
BJP + Allies - 22
JMM - 20
Others - 18

Counting has began for the recently concluded Jharkhand Assembly elections. The results and the initial trends are expected anytime from now. As you all know the main fight is between the Congress and the BJP.

Keep checking here for more updates on 2009 Jharkhand Assembly Elections Results

There are 81 MLA seats that went for polls and the fate of 1489 candidates is sealed in the ballot box.

There are too many small and regional partied that also contested the polls and now it will be interesting to see how they all perform in the assembly elections.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MP Municipal Elections Results and Schedule

Here are the details from where you can get the information related to Madhya Pradesh Municipal Elections results, schedule and the circular that was released in this regard. The details are in Hindi and are available on the official website of MP State Election Commission at

To get the circular related to MP Municipal elections, kindly check:

Here is the notification:

We are expecting the results of MP Municipal soon, so do check this space for more details

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

India's new state Telangana | Districts of Telangana

Process of formation of Telangana as a separate State initiated !!

With the agitation coming to en end India is all set to have its 29th State - The central ministry has agreed to initiate the process of forming a separate State Telangana. Andhra Pradesh will be split to form this new state Telangana. It will be interesting to see the fate of Hyderabad. There are discussion of making Hyderabad a union territory or it may be a common capital between the two states.

The districts that will form the new state Telanagana are:

Hyderabad region
Ranga Reddy
Mahboob Nagar

Will this be a solution for the long pending problems of Telangana? Will this be an end to the suppression of Telangana people (as argued by the people demanding the separate state) - Only Time can tell.