Monday, April 12, 2010

Minister Shashi Tharoor and IPL Issue

Shashi Tharoor's press statement related to IPL allegation

We hear about the very well known fact that sports and politics never mix together, but looks like many people in important posts doesn't seem to understand this. We also know that Politics is a sport for some people and sports is full of politics in many instances that we come across. So here is yet another such incident - India's Minister for state for foreign affairs is in some form of allegation/controversy related to the Indian Premier League Cricket - IPL. As you know Kochi has been awarded as the new team in IPL league from 2011 onwards and this topic is around it.

Shashi Tharoor has released a press statement on the website and here is the exact text as taken from the site.

1. A consortium led by Rendezvous was set up to bid for an IPL team. They approached me for help and guidance. I steered them towards Kerala. Rendezvous includes a number of people, including many I have never met, and Sunanda Pushkar, whom I know well.

2. My role in mentoring the consortium included several conversations with Mr Lalit Modi, who guided us through the process and presented himself as a trusted friend.

3. The consortium bid successfully in an open and transparent process. Their unexpected success upset the plans of a lot of powerful people, who had wanted the franchise to go elsewhere.

4. Various attempts were made by Mr Modi and others to pressure the consortium members to abandon their bid in favour of another city in a different state. Mr Modi raised assorted objections to the bid documents but finally had no choice but to approve them.

5. His extraordinary breach of all propriety in publicly raising issues relating to the composition of the consortium and myself personally is clearly an attempt to discredit the team and create reasons to disqualify it so that the franchise can be awarded elsewhere.

6. Contemptible efforts have been made to drag in matters of my personal life which I do not intend to dignify by commenting on them.

7. However, I deny Mr Lalit Modi’s allegation that I called him during his meeting with investors in the Kochi consortium in Bangalore on Saturday night in order to press him not to question the composition of the consortium.

I called Mr Modi to ask why he was further delaying the approval of the franchise when all the legal requirements had been fulfilled.. Mr Modi had held up approval by the IPL of the franchisee agreement earlier in the day, by insisting on the reversal of a change in the document that he himself had earlier suggested. This change was made, the consortium members flew to Bangalore and met with Mr Modi after that night’s IPL game for what they had been told would be a routine exercise. Instead they were submitted to a barrage of questions which led some to suspect that Mr Modi was seeking a further excuse to delay approval. This was the reason for my intervention with Mr Modi. Had he conducted himself in good faith throughout, no call would have been necessary.

8. On the question of my interests in the franchise, I repeat that I am proud to have helped the consortium come to Kerala. I have neither invested nor received a rupee for my mentorship of the team. Whatever my personal relationships with any of the consortium members, I do not intend to benefit in any way financially from my association with the team now or at a later stage.

9. A Kerala IPL team is a dream of many young people in and from the state. It has the potential to bring great material and psychological benefits to Kerala’s economy and society. The unethical efforts that have been made by Mr Modi and others to thwart the Kerala franchise which had been won fair and square in a transparent bidding process are disgraceful. It has been clear for some time that the real motive is to assign this IPL team elsewhere than Kerala. All of us in Kerala hope that the BCCI will not permit statements and activities which seek to discredit the Kerala team before it has even had a chance to prove its worth. The public attempts by Mr Modi to besmirch the consortium in fact bring the IPL itself into disrepute.

This statement is issued by me in a personal capacity to respond to the allegations made against me personally.

Dr Shashi Tharoor

Friday, April 2, 2010

Schedule of Census 2011 and National Population Register Data - As you know the President of India has kicked of the world largest project to collect demographic and population details as part of Census 2011 activities. The website mentioned above has all such details of this mega project.

Here are the details of the schedule of Census 2011 across different states of India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1st April to 15th May 10
Andhra Pradesh 26th April to 10th June 10
Arunachal Pradesh 15th April to 31st May 10
Assam 1st April to 15th May 10
Bihar 1st April to 15th May 10
Chandigarh 15th April to 31st May, 10
Chhatisgarh 1st May to 15th June 10
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 21st April to 4th June, 10
Daman and Diu 21st April to 4th June, 10
Delhi 1st May to 15th June 10
Goa 1st April to 15th May 10
Gujarat 21st April to 4th June 10
Haryana 1st May to 15th June 10
Himachal Pradesh 7th April to 22nd May 10
Jammu and Kashmir 15th May to 30th June 10
Jharkhand 1st April to 15th May 10
Karnataka 15th Apr to 1st Jun 10
Kerala 7th April to 22nd May 10
Lakshadweep 7th April to 22nd May 10
Madhya Pradesh 7th May to 22th June 10
Maharashtra 1st May to 15th June 10
Manipur 15th May to 30th June 10
Meghalaya 1st April to 15th May 10
Mizoram 15th May to 30th June 10
Nagaland 1st June to 15th July 10
Orissa 7th April to 22nd May 10
Pondicherry 1st June to 15th July 10
Punjab 1st May to 15th June 10
Rajasthan 15th May to 30th June 10
Sikkim 7th April to 22nd May 10
Tamil Nadu 1st June to 15th July 10
Tripura 26th April to 10th June 10
Uttar Pradesh schedule will be from 16th May to 30th Jun 10
Uttaranchal 1st May to 15th June 10
West Bengal 1st April to 15th May 10

Keep checking this space for updates on More information about Census 2011, and learn about Census 2011

This collection of date will be useful for lots of analysis and is also expected to provide insights on:
* Administrative divisions
* Population
* Economic activity
* Socio-cultural aspects
* Migration
* Disability
* Languages and Mother Tongues
* Households population
* Area profile of India, states & districts
* Village Directory
* List of towns with population
* Census reference tables