Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya Babri case court verdict on

As you all know the much awaited long pending Ayodhya Temple and Babri Masjid court case verdict is being delivered today by Allahabad high court. The entire verdict will be made available on the High Court website.

The verdict is being delivered by Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court by 3 judges.

Highlights of the verdict - Latest Updates
Land to be divided into 3 parts !!!
1/3 for Sunni Waqf Board, 1/3 for Nirmohi Akhara, 1/3 for Ram Lalla

Where to read the copy of this judgment?
A copy of this judgement will be on the official website at

All major political parties are expected to react to the verdict. All parties have already requested the people of India to adhere and respect the judgment.

Cabinet committee on security (CCS) will meet at 5 PM.

Please stay tuned for Live updates on this breaking news.

Massive response to India First initiative by TIMES NOW

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bihar Assembly Elections Schedule

As you all know towards the end of this year 2010, we will have the Assembly General Elections in Bihar. Along with the Assembly Constituencies there will be elections for one Parliament constituency 27-Banka.

There are 243 Assembly seats of which 38 are reserved for SCs and 2 for STs.

To know more details, please read the detailed press release from the election commission of India at:

Here is the complete detailed schedule of Bihar Poll, the elections will be completed in 6 phases, find the details for each phase below

Date of issue of notification
Phase 1: 27.09.10 (Monday)
Phase 2: 29.09.10 (Wednesday)
Phase 3: 04.10.10 (Monday)
Phase 4: 07.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 5: 15.10.10 (Friday)
Phase 6: 27.10.10 (Wednesday)

Last date for making nominations
Phase 1: 04.10.10 (Monday)
Phase 2: 06.10.10 (Wednesday)
Phase 3: 11.10.10 (Monday)
Phase 4: 14.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 5: 22.10.10 (Friday)
Phase 6: 03.11.10 (Wednesday)

Date for scrutiny of nominations
Phase 1: 05.10.10 (Tuesday)
Phase 2: 07.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 3: 12.10.10 (Tuesday)
Phase 4: 15.10.10 (Friday)
Phase 5: 23.10.10 (Saturday)
Phase 6: 04.11.10 (Thursday)

Last date for withdrawal of candidatures
Phase 1: 07.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 2: 09.10.10 (Saturday)
Phase 3: 14.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 4: 18.10.10 (Monday)
Phase 5: 25.10.10 (Monday)
Phase 6: 06.11.10 (Saturday)

Date of poll, if necessary
Phase 1: 21.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 2: 24.10.10 (Sunday)
Phase 3: 28.10.10 (Thursday)
Phase 4: 01.11.10 (Monday)
Phase 5: 09.11.10 (Tuesday)
Phase 6: 20.11.10 (Saturday)

Date before which the election shall be completed
Phase 1: 26.11.10 (Friday)
Phase 2: 26.11.10 (Friday)
Phase 3: 26.11.10 (Friday)
Phase 4: 26.11.10 (Friday)
Phase 5: 26.11.10 (Friday)
Phase 6: 26.11.10 (Friday)

Counting shall be held on: 24.11.2010 (Wednesday)