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2012 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Results

2012 UP Assembly Elections Results

Please check here for the latest updates on the party positions (leading and results) of Uttar Pradesh election results. The list will be updated on March 06, 2012 as and when the leads and trends are available

UP Final party positions

Uttar Pradesh - the state with largest assembly and parliamentary seats will go for the assembly elections in 2012, here is the complete schedule of UP Assembly General Elections schedule. There are total 403 Assembly constituencies in UP State. The entire election process will be completed in 7 phases.

Latest update:
Updated Schedule of Phase 1 of 2012 UP Assembly Elections

Number of Assembly constituencies going for poll in each phase
1st Phase (60 ACs)
2nd Phase (55 ACs)
3rd Phase ( 59 ACs)
4th Phase ( 56 ACs)
5th Phase ( 56 ACs)
6th Phase ( 49 ACs)
7th Phase (68 ACs)

1. Issue of Notification
1st Phase 10.01.12 (Tuesday)
2nd Phase 12.01.12 (Thursday)
3rd Phase 16.01.12 (Monday)
4th Phase 21.01.12 (Saturday)
5th Phase 25.01.12 (Wednesday)
6th Phase 28.01.12(Saturday)
7th Phase 02.02.12 (Thursday)

2. Last date for making Nominations
1st Phase 17.01.12 (Tuesday)
2nd Phase 19.01.12 (Thursday)
3rd Phase 23.01.12 (Monday)
4th Phase 28.01.12 (Saturday)
5th Phase 01.02.12 (Wednesday)
6th Phase 04.02.12 (Saturday)
7th Phase 09.02.12 (Thursday)

3. Scrutiny of Nominations
1st Phase 18.01.12 (Wednesday)
2nd Phase 20.01.12 (Friday)
3rd Phase 24.01.12 (Tuesday)
4th Phase 30.01.12 (Monday)
5th Phase 02.02.12 (Thursday)
6th Phase 06.02.12 (Monday)
7th Phase 10.02.12 (Friday)

4. Last date for withdrawal of candidature
1st Phase 20.01.12 (Friday)
2nd Phase 23.01.12 (Monday)
3rd Phase 27.01.12 (Friday)
4th Phase 01.02.12 (Wednesday)
5th Phase 04.02.12 (Saturday)
6th Phase 08.02.12 (Wednesday)
7th Phase 13.02.12 (Monday)

5. Date of Poll
1st Phase 04.02.12 (Saturday)
2nd Phase 08.02.12 (Wednesday)
3rd Phase 11.02.12 (Saturday)
4th Phase 15.02.12 (Wednesday)
5th Phase 19.02.12 (Sunday)
6th Phase 23.02.12 (Thursday)
7th Phase 28.02.12 (Tuesday)

6. Counting of Votes all phases
04.03.12 (Sunday)

7. Date before which election process shall be completed - All phases
09.03.12 (Friday)

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