Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rahul Gandhi to be Congress Vice President

Stage is being set for Rahul Gandhi to play a big role within Congress Party, in the ongoing 2 days session of INC being held at Jaipur it has been discussed and decided to make Rahul Gandhi the Vice President of Indian National Congress.

There have been many demands to project Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate of Congress in the next General elections to be held in 2014, with a big expected anti incumbency to play against the UPA's ruling coalition, Congress party is taking all possible steps to ensure that the cadre work towards these elections which are very important for the Young Congress Leader.

Let us see how this will impact the national politics. This news means that he is the second most powerful person in the Congress party, his mother the party president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi being the number 1.

All the best and the people of India have a huge expectations from you Mr. Rahul Gandhi - please do not disappoint, we have confidence in you, leave up to the expectations of all sections of the people !