Friday, May 16, 2014

Union Cabinet Ministers under NDA Government

Union Cabinet Ministers under NDA Government led by Narendra Modi as PM

Now that all the decks are clear for the Swearing Ceremony of Narendra Modi as the new Prime Minister of India, the next course of action will shift to the way Modi led NDA government selects the union / central cabinet and state ministries. There is already a lot of speculation in BJP circles about the meetings that already started before the counting about how to accomodate some senior leaders in the party.

In view of the above it will be interesting to see the way the 16th Loksabha under NDA will constitute and distribute the ministries for many aspirants across the countries.

There may be a case of giving Loksabha Speaker post to the veteran BJP Leader LK Advani. Sushma Swaraj may be hoping for a top 4 ministry position, Arun Jaitley has lost this election (only sad part in BJP victory), else he would have been a good Foreign Ministry Candidate.

Some Important notes:

Please remember that the Congress party has still some say in the Rajya Sabha.

If no party gets 10% of the seats, i.e., 54-54 seats then there may not be any official party representing the Loksabha as the main opposition party and mostly this looks to be the case with the way the election results are coming along.

Maharashtra Party Positions and results

Maharashtra is seeing a complete sweep by BJP + Shivsena inline with the national mood. Here the ruling Congress and NCP is facing their worst ever performance. This just shows the support that the BJP has garnered in this state which will be going for local assembly polls very soon.

Here is the party positions and results in Maharashtra State:
Bharatiya Janata Party    23
Indian National Congress 1
Nationalist Congress Party 4
Shivsena 18
Swabhimani Paksha 2

So this is like 4/5th of majority seats that NDA has won on the state, nothing by MNS too.

Narendra Modi Swearing in Ceremony date and time

There is no uncertainty now, something that we all waited to know the outcome of Narendra Modi led BJP/NDA reaching the magic figure and they have done it on their own and no worries of outside support, regional party support, issue based support etc. Nothing matters now with the way India had witnessed one of the most thrilling and amazing shows of Election results in its history.

Now all eyes on the Swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi's oath taking ceremony as the PM of India on 26th May, 2014 at 6PM. President Pranab Mukerjee will invite Mr. Narendra Modi to form the government. The joining ceremony of Mr. Modi will be something that billion Indian people are waiting to see - will update the date and time and venue for the same.

Also, eagerly waiting is the first address (on TV, Radio) to the people of India by Narendra Modi as the designated Prime Minister of India, all are hoping to hear from Modi about his and his parties spectacular victory. Keep watching this space for Live updates on Modi's speech.


Narendra Modi's First Speech in Parliament | Modi in tears in Loksabha

Narendra Modi's First Victory Rally, Victory Lap in New Delhi near BJP Headquarters.

Uttar Pradesh Party positions

Here is the updated party positions in the loksabha elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this is amazing performance by Narendra Modi led campaigning.

UP Party positions and results:

BJP - 71
INC - 2
SP - 5
Apna Dal - 2
BSP - 0

Look at the numbers of Mayawati's BSP - 0, yet to open an account, for someone aspiring to be the PM this is a disaster !

No party has performed this well in UP Parliament elections.

Latest position - Only Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are being elected from UP for the Congress Party

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana ZPTC and MPTC Results

After a long wait the election counting of Zilla Parishad (ZPTC) and Mandal Parishad (MPTC) polls is underway in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the counting is going on slow since it is a ballot paper based voting. Clear picture and election results are expected to be released after evening.

So far the initial trends show a tough fight between TRS and Congress in Telangana except in Khammam, Rangareddy and Nalgonda. In Khammam and Rangareddy TDP is giving a tough fight. In Nalgonda Congress party is having a clear edge.

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP is performing well even though there a is tough contest between YSRCP and TDP in many places. In Rayalseema districts of Cuddapah, Kurnool and Chittoor YSR party is doing well. It is a tough fight in Prakasam between both the parties. However in the north AP and coastal regions TDP is seeming to do exceptionally well.

Please find here the final results of each MPTC and ZPTC results.

Also the Municipal corporation results which were declared yesterday can be viewed at: